FindFiles ProcedurePublic ()
Procedure to find files based on the current configuration.
Cancel ProcedurePublic ()
Interrupts the FindFiles procedure.
Cancelled PropertyPublicRead Only boolean
Shows whether the last call toFindFiles was interrupted.
FileMask PropertyPublished string
The file mask to search for. Separate entries with a semi-colon. For example:
FindFile1.FileMask := '*.pas; *.dfm';
RecurseDirectories PropertyPublished boolean
Whether FindFiles should also search subdirectories of RootDirectory.
RootDirectory PropertyPublished string
The directory to start searching from.
OnCancel PropertyPublished TNotifyEvent
An event invoked when FindFiles is cancelled.
OnDirFound PropertyPublished TssDirFoundEvent
An event invoked when a directory is found.
OnFileFound PropertyPublished TssFileFoundEvent
An event invoked when a matching file is found.


TssDirFoundEvent = procedure(Sender: TObject; DirName: string) of object;

TssFileFoundEvent = procedure(Sender: TObject; LongFileName, ShortFileName, Path: string; FileAttributes: TFileType; CreationTime, LastWriteTime, LastAccessTime: TDateTime; FileSize: cardinal) of object;