Active PropertyPublished boolean
Whether the listbox should retrieve and display the font names.
FontColor PropertyPublished TColor
The colour to be used for displaying the text in the list box.
FontSize PropertyPublished 1..MaxInt
The size of the text in the list box.
FontStyle PropertyPublished TFontStyle
The style of the text in the list box.
FontsFor PropertyPublished TssFontsFor = (ffScreen, ffPrinter)
Whether the list box should display screen or printer fonts.
IndicateTrueType PropertyPublished boolean
Whether true-type fonts should have a True Typesymbol displayed.
Text PropertyPublished string
The specimen text to display in the list box. The font name is displayed if not specified.
TrueTypeOnly PropertyPublished boolean
If this is true, then only true-type fonts will be displayed.
Reload ProcedurePublic ()
Causes the fonts to be reloaded.

The following protected properties of TCustomListbox are published:

Align BorderStyle Color Ctl3D
Cursor DragCursor DragMode Enabled
ExtendedSelect Height HelpContext Hint
MultiSelect OnClick OnDblClick OnDragDrop
OnDragOver OnDrawItem OnEndDrag OnEnter
OnExit OnKeyDown OnKeyUp OnMeasureItem
OnMouseDown OnMouseMove OnMouseUp ParentColor
ParentCtl3D ParentFont ParentShowHint PopupMenu
ShowHint Sorted TabOrder TabStop