All SadMan Software components are copyrighted by Simon Armstrong (hereafter "author"), and shall remain the exclusive property of the author. This software and any accompanying documentation are protected by United Kingdom copyright law and also by International Treaty provisions. Any use of this software in violation of copyright law or the terms of this agreement will be prosecuted to the best of the author's ability.

Under no conditions may you remove the copyright notices made part of the software or documentation.

Distribution Rights

You are granted a non-exclusive, royalty-free right to produce and distribute executable binary files (executables, DLLs, etc.) that are built with the software unless specifically stated otherwise. You are further granted permission to redistribute any of the free source code in source code form, provided that the original archive as found on the SadMan Software web site ( is distributed unmodified.


Without the express prior written consent of the author, you may not:

  • Distribute modified versions of any SadMan Software source code by itself. You must include the original archive as you found it on the web site.
  • Sell or lease any portion of SadMan Software source code. You are, of course, free to sell any of your own original code that works with, enhances, etc. SadMan Software source code.
  • Distribute SadMan Software source code for profit.


There is absolutely no warranty of any kind whatsoever with any of this source code (hereafter "software"). The software is provided to you "AS-IS", and all risks and losses associated with its use are assumed by you. In no event shall the author of the softer, Simon Armstrong, be held accountable for any damages or losses that may occur from use or misuse of the software.


Support is provided via email to SadMan Software. However, I can not guarantee any support whatsoever. While I do try to answer all questions that I receive and address all problems that are reported to me, I can not guarantee that this will always be so.