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  • Thanks for the component. It's quite amazing, powerful and unique.Raymond Kennington, Programming Solutions (see the full quote)
  • ... The conclusion cannot be an other one than to state that if you are looking for a planning component you have to get the RAC. For your future planning business it is simply a must.H. de Boer, Staaf Automatisering (see the full case study)
  • Resource Allocation Chart is one of those rare components that really fires the imagination. It looks great and is extremely flexible. A must for any application that allocates time slots.Trevor Pegley, Visionhall
  • I must say that you've done a really good job with the component!!!Robert Karkulowski, Eye Soft
  • I love your component - you've done a very good job!Marc Hoffmann, EVAS Softwarelösungen OHG
  • Great component...Danny Banks, FMI Solutions Limited
  • Great product and great service even before we bought.Marco Napoli, hotel SalesPro
  • Great component, I'm searching for this component for a long while.Marco Dissel, Broekhuis Noord Nederland
  • This is a great component. I've been using it for a year. It's well written, performance is top notch, and the couple of time I've asked for support, I've gotten it right away from the author.Steve McForest
  • I just wanted to let you know that I love your component! I find it extensible, easy to use, and the performance is top notch. I even think I understand much of the source. You hit a home run with this one!Tom Kopeika, Illinois
  • I did want to drop you a note and tell you what a wonderful component. It's a must have component if you are a serious Delphi developer.Miguel Henley, Brazil
  • Very nice component! It is very useful for me.Andrea Benati, Edis Spa Unipersonale, Italy
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Great component...
Danny Banks, FMI Solutions Limited
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