From Raymond Kennington, Programming Solutions

We had a set of requirements that had to be met. Apart from the need for a new line type, which Simon promptly created for me, the RAC satisfies them all. After building the application, I have not had to compromise on anything related to the RAC. Without it, I would have had to code similar functionality myself, but it wouldn't have been a component and it wouldn't have had the elegance and finesse of the RAC.

Although the demo shows most features, its true power emerges as one learns how to use it.

Simon was very helpful pre-purchase, including producing several small demos to show how it could do the specific things I wanted it to do. Simon is open to suggestions, and even added a new line type for me in a special build. Very fast response time to requests for help and bug investigations, and a bug fix was almost immediate.

One can include group headers and footers for related groups of resources. The use of the AnyObject property of both resources and allocations provides a convenient way of keeping related information together. I knew how to do this, but Simon's example provided me with ideas that enabled me to do it so much better.

Main selling points for me, highest importance first, with items 1 and 2 containing the essential attributes:

  1. Ability to make it look like a Gantt chart for representing a mathematical network with times starting from zero and without dates; also being able to show the critical lines in different colours. That is, not restricted to columns of days, but is continuous.
  2. Ability to click on an allocation and know which of my array's items it belonged to. (At first I didn't perceive the full potential of the way I could connect my own data to it.)
  3. I could make the chart look un-fanciful. The new line type created for me helped in this regard.
  4. Being able to drag the items continuously and be able to feed back this information to my arrays.
  5. The prompt and very helpful support before I had purchased a license. By the time I purchased it, I felt I had already received my money's worth.
  6. Not having properties for such things as MinDateTime put me off at first. Once I understood the way the events have been implemented, I realised I am better off without the properties.

Thanks for the component. It's quite amazing, powerful and unique.

Raymond Kennington B.Sc.(Ma.Sc.)(Hons) Grad.Dip.Ed. B.Comp.Inf.Sc.(Hons) MACS

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Great product and great service even before we bought.
Marco Napoli, hotel SalesPro
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