From H de Boer, Staaf Automatisering

Planning the future.

Staaf Automatisering is a small company in the north of the Netherlands who's aim is to make high-quality dedicated solutions for rental companies in the recreation business, and project time billing solutions for call centers. So mainly it all comes down to creating solutions where time and planning are the key features.

For rental companies we are trying to rewrite solutions to one state of the art product that, in second stage, could be sold out of the box. Problem is that there are two types of rental companies in the recreation market: Companies with a lot of rental objects that could be rented more than once a day, and companies that rent one object one or more weeks. Our goal is to create a software solution that could handle both kinds of companies with one transparent layout for the planning of all rental objects.

In our search for planning tools and components - the application is to be built with Delphi - we run into several possibilities that could be used. Not going into detail here we came to the conclusion that most were difficult to program our special needs with, and others forced us to change the data-model of the program. So we almost decided to make two software solutions for the above mentioned rental types. At that time we discovered the TResourceAllocationChart (hereafter called RAC).

Visualize a real non software planboard where you see a lot of little cards on a wall-size calendar. This is what you can do with RAC! Also RAC allows one to determine the number of days in the same view. That way you can build a planboard that shows a month default and by changing the number of days you could go to a one day view. This way you can let your end-users decide what view they want for each rental object. The RAC allows to see the 'little cards' you see one a 'real live' planboard as you want; different colours for different statuses, customer and contract numbers or names, you name it. Changing the 'cards' to another date or decreasing the time rented, even switching to another object: it all can be done! The RAC is definitely the most flexible easy to implement planning component we ran into. The support is one thing we are absolutely satisfied with. All our questions were answered within a day and the answers came often with tiny demo projects which were very clear and easy to implement in our software product.

The conclusion cannot be an other one than to state that if you are looking for a planning component you have to get the RAC. For your future planning business it is simply a must. After all, don't we all want to plan the future?

H de Boer
Senior Developer
Staaf Automatisering
The Netherlands

What People Say

Resource Allocation Chart is one of those rare components that really fires the imagination. It looks great and is extremely flexible. A must for any application that allocates time slots.
Trevor Pegley, Visionhall
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