Change History

5 January 2021. V4.1

  • Fixed a fault with computer players when playing in pairs that could make them score too many points when an exact score is needed to finish.
  • Added an option to disallow winning the round on the first domino played.

1 July 2020. V4.0

  • Made network play a little more robust when inter-player messages are repeated out of sequence. This change means that network play is not possible between version 4.0 onwards and earlier versions.
  • When a round is over, show the remaining dominoes in each player's hand, and added a Start Next Round button to start the next round.
  • Fixed a fault that could cause gameplay problems during network play when the allow-any-domino-to-start variation was used.
  • Fixed a fault with computer players that could make them score too many points when an exact score is needed to finish - consider the extra points gained from the points-for-knocks and point-for-chipping-out variations.

25 February 2017. V3.2

  • Same application as v3.1, but with "reformed" sound files. Use this if you find that the original sound files no longer work on Windows 10.

21 November 2013. V3.1

  • Corrected a fault that could prevent the player from being able to see their own hand during network play.

2 January 2013, V3.0

  • Added the ability to configure and play practice hands. These hands can also be saved and reloaded to allow the same hands to be replayed, perhaps to evaluate different tactics.
  • Use the Microsoft GDI+ graphics library to improve the appearance.

18 February 2010, V2.4

  • When game is to an exact figure, totalise all points for the play - including any extra for knocks, or for chipping out - before seeing whether the score counts or whether the player busts.
  • When game is to an exact figure and playing in pairs, correct the determination of whether the score counts or whether the team busts.
  • If the textured domino appearance was turned off, the program didn't display the plain background until it was restarted.

25 January 2010, V2.3

  • Increased the maximum delay between computer players. This allows you to delay their move by up to thirty seconds. See the "Player Names" tab of the preferences dialog.
  • Added the option to have textures for the face and back of the dominos. See the "Colours" tab of the preferences dialog.
  • Changed the display of dominos slightly to improve their appearance on larger monitors.
  • Improved the visibility of the scores and player names.
  • Added a variation that ends the round only after both partners have chipped out when playing in pairs.
  • Improved the computers players a little so that they (mostly) avoid giving away high scores whenever possible. My thanks to Alan Pedder for his assistance with this.
  • Corrected a display problem that occurred when the clockwise arm reached the left-hand edge and turned up.

1 November 2008, V2.2

  • Corrected an error in the scoring if the first domino to be played was a double. For example, if double three was the first domino to be played, it was given 4 points instead of the correct 2.

22 November 2007, V2.1

  • Could sometimes get the error "No can do" reported when the second domino was played.
  • The target score was sometimes not saved between games.

1 November 2007, V2.0

  • Added a chat facility, so you can send messages to the other players.
  • Added variations that allow the first player to start with any double or with any domino.
  • Added a variation to allow players to score in pairs.
  • Added a variation to allow extra points to be scored for playing after a knock.
  • Made the awarding of an extra point for chipping out optional.
  • Added the ability to control the speed of the computer players.

1 October 2005 V1.4

  • Made the form resizable.

28 July 2000, V1.3

  • Added distinct "Play by myself" option.

21 June 2000, V1.2

  • Displays host's TCP/IP address.

3 June 2000, V1.1

  • Now able to enter registration key after evaluation period has expired.

7 May 2000, V1.0

  • Initial version.
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