Fives and Threes Network Play

Network play allows you to play with up to three friends over the internet. One player hosts the game, and the other three players connect to the host's computer.

There are two requirements for this:

  1. Your and your friends' firewalls must all allow Fives and Threes traffic through, and
  2. The computer hosting the game must be able to receive incoming connection requests. This may require you to configure Port Forwarding (see below) on your router so that the connection request is redirected to the actual computer hosting the game.

Note. There is no central server to set up games between players. The program is designed to be used by a group of friends. One player (the host) starts a game, communicates their external IP address to his / her friends, and the friends then connect to the host's game using that IP address.

Port Forwarding

Port forwarding (or port mapping) redirects a communication request from one address and port combination to another while the packets are traversing a network gateway, such as a router or firewall. What this means, is that the router will redirect external communication requests made to a specific port, to a specific IP address on the local network side.

Note: the default port number used by Fives and Threes is 3001. If this port is already being used by another application, you can select a different port for Fives and Threes to use. In this case, ensure you configure port forwarding for the actual port being used, and not the default 3001 shown in these screen shots.

This is a screen shot from port forwarding configuration on a Virgin Media SuperHub in the UK. Once the configuration is entered, click the Add, followed by the Apply.

Virgin Media Super Hub Port Forwarding
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This is a screen shot from port forwarding configuration on a TalkTalk router in the UK.

Talk Talk Port Forwarding
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