Free Applications from SadMan Software

These applications are completely free to download and use, and do not contain any adware, spyware, trojans or any other form of malware. Enjoy!

  • SadMan Software Fahrenheit to Celsius

    Fahrenheit to Celsius

    A simple little programs for converting Fahrenheit to Celsius / Centigrade at the drag of a slider.

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  • SadMan Software Mandelbrot Explorer

    Mandelbrot Explorer

    A program that displays the incredible complexity of the Mandelbrot set. Simply click on an area to zoom in to show even greater detail.

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  • SadMan Software One Foundation

    One Foundation

    One Foundation is a solitaire or patience card game. The object is to move all the playing cards from the top area to the "foundation" at the bottom.

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  • SadMan Software Qix!


    Qix! is a simple but addictive game. I first came across it on Digital Equipment VAXs in around 1983, and this implementation works pretty much the same.

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  • SadMan Software Slice'n'Splice


    Slices huge files into floppy (or any other) size chunks, and then splices them back together again.

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  • SadMan Software Snake


    Snake is an old old game, but it's still great fun to play. And very simple too, just guide the snake to eat the food and avoid crashing. The more food, and the "fresher" the food is, the longer the snake grows.

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  • SadMan Software Snapshot


    Snapshot is an easy-to-use tool for recording the contents of the whole screen at regular intervals. It can send these snapshots to a printer, and/or the Windows clipboard, and/or save them to bitmap, PNG, JPG or GIF files. It can be configured to take snapshots at a regular interval, or on demand.

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  • SadMan Software Timesheet


    An invaluable aid for those who work flexitime. Enter the time you arrive at work and the time you depart, and it tells you how long you've worked, and perhaps how far short of your daily and/or weekly targets you are.

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  • SadMan Software WordPlay


    WordPlay is a "must-have" for those interested in crosswords or other word puzzles. It can match patterns, find anagrams, solve trackwords and word ladders.

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  • SadMan Software XChange


    Do you need to change some text that could be in hundreds of text files? XChange can replace many text strings in many files in a single operation.

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  • SadMan Software XChangeCL


    This is a command-line version of the popular XChange program. It performs the same function as XChange, but has a command-line interface. If you want to use XChange in batch scripts, or any other non-interactive environment, then perhaps XChangeCL is what you're looking for.

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