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4 December 2008

Search has been updated to version 3.5. The changes in this version are:
  • Added the ability to change the font used to show the matched lines.
  • Added the ability to change the font used in the internal editor.
  • Corrected the omission that the editor didn't use the configured colours to show the matched lines and search strings.


21 November 2008

Sudoku has been updated to Version 3.3. The changes in this version are:
  • Rationalised the printing, so that the displayed puzzle is always printed just as it is displayed, i.e. what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG.) Removed "print effects" and "print highlight" options, as they are now redundant.
  • Changed the numbering of printed pages when solutions are printed, so that it does not re-start at page 1 for the solutions.
  • Prevented the highlight option from colouring empty cells unless the pencil marks are displayed.
  • Corrected three untranslated strings, two for undoing auto-completion of naked and hidden singles, and the third giving the coordinate format in the solution log.
  • Expanded Library Statistics, Edit Puzzle, and Message Dialog forms to prevent truncation in some languages.
  • Prevented an access violation that could occur when printing multiple puzzles with full-cell-highlighting enabled.


1 November 2008

Fives and Threes has been updated to Version 2.2. This is to correct a fault with the scoring when the first domino played is a double.


12 October 2008

Sudoku has been updated to Version 3.2.1. This is a very minor fault correction that will only be of interest if you use the timer.
  • Corrected a fault that prevented the timer from pausing when focus shifted to another application.


10 October 2008

Sudoku has been updated to Version 3.2. The changes in this version are:
  • When the number selector is shown after a left-click on a cell (ready to enter "big" numbers) right-clicking the number selector will now toggle pencil marks instead. Additionally, the number selector will not close if the control key is pressed while it is clicked, allowing other pencil marks to be toggled too.
  • When printing the current puzzle, also print the solution if this option is selected.
  • When opening files, or pasting from the clipboard, it now recognises additional formats containing pencil marks.
  • The puzzle library is now updated automatically when upgrading to a new version.
  • Added Clear and Random buttons the the Advanced Colours dialog.
  • Added a configurable background colour for the selected cell.
  • Changed the default colours for clue cells to remove the pale yellow background.
  • Now installs with an initial full puzzle library - simply to improve the experience of users installing for the first time.
  • Added the missing XY chain to the solving technique selection form.
  • Corrected a minor fault with the Puzzle Collection form when printing from puzzle collections.
  • Corrected a problem that could result in the same puzzles from the library being printed more than once.
  • If printing an empty grid, don't print the solution!
  • The timer is now paused while a dialog is shown, or if you navigate to another application.
  • Corrected a problem with the hint function that sometimes prevented it from colouring all the appropriate cells for some block/block interactions.

Alas, the price has also been increased from $11.95 to $14.95 - still an absolute bargain!.


27 September 2008

Since Progesist SRL are no longer promoting or supporting Sudokusol, SadMan Software has decided to offer Sudokusol users a free license for SadMan Sudoku. This will enable them to receive free software upgrades like any other registered Sudoku user. To obtain your free Sudoku license, simply complete the form at Note: this offer is only open to registered users of Sudokusol, and you must supply both your registered name and Sudokusol key to prove you qualify.

Sudokusol and SadMan Software Sudoku are both produced by SadMan Software and are almost exactly the same program. The only difference is that Sadman Software Sudoku can show several languages but Sudokusol is limited to Italian.

SadMan Software can be downloaded from the main Sudoku page. Ex-Sudokusol users may also want to install the Italian language kit. This is an additional installation that enables SadMan Software Sudoku to operate in Italian.


26 September 2008

Progesist SRL, our Italian partner, have decided to withdraw their Sudokusol branding of SadMan Software Sudoku. While we're sorry that they have made this decision, it is good news for any Italian-speaking users of SadMan Software Sudoku, as I can now make the Italian translation freely available. The Italian language kit can be downloaded from the Sudoku translations page.


22 September 2008

Versions 2.17 and 3.0 of "TssResourceAllocationChart" Delphi component have now been released. Please let us know if you did not receive the notification email with the updated source.


1 September 2008

The "TResourceAllocationChart" Delphi component, a graphical component for showing and manipulating allocations of resources, has been updated to better support users of C++Builder.
  • Renamed all classes and types to add an "ss" prefix (There is already a TResource class in the Graphics unit, and this name conflict caused problems in C++Builder.)
  • Changed the package name and installation folders for Borland Development Studio 2005 and 2006, and CodeGear RAD Studio 2007 and 2009, to be "BDS 2005", "BDS 2006", "CRS 2007" and "CRS 2009" respectively. This is to better reflect the names of the IDEs that the component can be used with, since the component is not limited to just the Delphi personality.
  • Removed the custom property editor for the RoundTo, DateLabelInterval, DateLineInterval, and PlotBackAlternateInterval properties in Borland Development Studio 2005 and 2006, and CodeGear RAD Studio 2007 and 2009. This property editor caused the Design IDE package to be required at runtime, which again, caused problems for C++Builder users.

The source code won't be released until after RAD Studio 2009 has been officially released.


15 August 2008

The "TResourceAllocationChart" Delphi component, a graphical component for showing and manipulating allocations of resources, has been updated to support the upcoming release of RAD Studio 2009 (code named Tibur?). This was remarkably easy, as, other than recognising the compiler version, it didn't actually require any code changes at all.

The source code won't be released until after RAD Studio 2009 has been officially released.


25 July 2008

I've recently had a few reports that Avast Anti-Spyware and Iolo's System Mechanic Professional 7 are reporting that the Sudoku installation kit is infected with a trojan. These are both wrong. I suspect they're simply detecting the filename "Sudoku.exe", and since there is some adware that uses this same filename, they reach the wrong conclusion. I've contacted both companies to let them know about this mis-identification.

Avast responded that they will first confirm the problem, then modify their signature database to correct it.

Iolo eventually responded by spamming me with an advertisment for System Mechanic Professional 8. Thanks guys, very professional.

You can also check McAfee's SiteAdvisor report. This is a considerably more thorough investigation, and shows the install kit to be completely safe, containing no malware, and with a "nuisance value" of zero.


4 July 2008

Slice'n'Splice has been released as freeware.


2 July 2008

Brazilian flag SadMan Software Sudoku is now available in Brazilian Portuguese. The language kit can be downloaded from sudokuptbr.exe. Note: to be detected by SadMan Software Sudoku, the language files must be installed in the same folder as the Sudoku program (usually C:\Program Files\SadMan Software\Sudoku\.) See the translations page for details of the currently available translations.


12 June 2008

Corrected a very minor fault with timesheet, that prevented the date tooltips from being shown if the data file did not exist.


17 May 2008

I've added some printable empty grids in Adobe PDF format. You may find these useful if you want to solve Sudoku while away from your computer. There are available both with and without pencil marks.


1 May 2008

You may notice some style changes in some areas of the site as I experiment with a few different ideas. Hopefully, I'll settle on one of them, and the rest of the site will then be made to match.


17 March 2008

The site is currently in the process of moving to a new host, so please bear with me if there are a few areas not working yet. The site should be fully functional again within a few days.


13 March 2008

After reading the software awards scam, I've come to the conclusion that most, if not all, of the awards given to my applications are pretty meaningless. Therefore, I'm no longer displaying any award images on this site. If any of my applications ever get an award from a site that looks like it genuinely reviews the software, I'll gladly post it. Shame that, they added a nice bit of colour.


3 March 2008

I've added an online conversion utility. This will provide free conversions between many units for temperature, length and distance, area, volume, weight, speed, angle, pressure, energy and fuel efficiency.


25 February 2008

Mandelbrot Explorer has been updated to Version 1.6. This is a minor update that improves the the way the user selects the area to zoom to.


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