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1 July 2020

Fives and Threes has been updated to Version 4.0. This release has the following change:
  • Made network play a little more robust when inter-player messages are repeated out of sequence. This change means that network play is not possible between version 4.0 onwards and earlier versions.
  • When a round is over, show the remaining dominoes in each player's hand, and added a Start Next Round button to start the next round.
  • Fixed a fault that could cause gameplay problems during network play when the allow-any-domino-to-start variation was used.
  • Fixed a fault with computer players that could make them score too many points when an exact score is needed to finish - consider the extra points gained from the points-for-knocks and point-for-chipping-out variations.


1 June 2020

I recently discovered Move The Box - a mobile game by Exponenta Games. After getting frustrated on yet another apparently simple level, I wrote a solver. Give it a screen shot of the level, and it generates the steps necessary to solve it. I'm not making the solver available, but if you get stuck, you can refer to step-by-step instructions for each level to help you get past your difficulty.


6 February 2020

Sudoku has been updated to Version 5.6. This is a minor bug fix release that has the following change:
  • Corrected a bug that caused pencil marks to always be printed whatever the value of the print-pencil-marks option.
  • Do not show the pencil-marks menu option when using the pop-up menu to enter clue numbers.


News from 2019 »