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Qix! is a simple but addictive game. I first came across it on Digital Equipment VAXs in around 1983, and this implementation works pretty much the same.

You control a green blob in a rectangular playing area. Your aim is to enclose as much of the open area as possible by drawing a trail between the sides. Sounds easy enough huh? But there are two elements working against you:

  1. the drones that blindly follow the edge - you mustn't let them touch you,
  2. the Qix that wanders the open area - you must avoid it also. The Qix will actively attack while you are drawing and exposed, but will completely ignore you otherwise. It also has the nasty habit of changing direction when you least expect it.

When the area you have enclosed is larger than the target area you will start on the next screen... with a slightly higher target to reach... and, depending on how well you're doing, possibly an extra drone or two.

Oh... and one other thing, while you are drawing you must be careful to avoid your own trail. If you touch it, or try to move backwards, a fuse will start to move along it. If the fuse reaches you before you reach safety then it's bad news.

Cast of Characters

You This is you. You can only follow the edge of the playing area until you start drawing a trail.
The Qix! The Qix! A nasty piece of work that patrols the open area of the board. It will attack you whenever you are drawing a trail. Make sure you get back to the safety of the edge before the Qix reaches you.
A Drone A drone. These blindly follow the edge of the board, but still take a life if they touch you.
A Fuse A fuse following your trail to get you - don't aim for you own trail and don't try to reverse.

Note: because of the issues listed here, this is a beta release. Alas, Qix! may never get finished. Sad but true.

System Requirements

Windows This program is for desktop Windows only. Sorry, but it won't work on a Mac, Android or Linux.