Problems with Qix!

  1. It is possible for the player to cross into an "enclosed area." Draw a thin bar as shown in figure 1. Then draw another line as shown in figure 2. Then enable drawing and move right to arrive at the condition shown in figure 3. This problem can cause the game to lock up.
    screen shot screen shot screen shot
    Figure 1 Figure 2 Figure 3
  2. There is a problem if the Qix touches the player trail just as the player reaches safety. This can result in a gap in the edge of the open area that may cause the game to lock up.
  3. Qix trail can occasionally be drawn incorrectly when it changes ends repeatedly. Does not affect play.
  4. Status bar Drawing entry can sometimes show the Game menu caption. Bizarre, but does not affect play. I suspect this problem probably lies in the Microsoft common control as I've seen it occur with other applications.
  5. On some video displays horizontal lines can be shown with small gaps. Spoils the look, but does not affect play. This sample is shown enlarged to illustrate the effect
    screen shot
  6. The Qix! leaves a red pixel at its starting point. Does not affect play.