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Do you need to find files that contain a particular piece of text? Perhaps you're looking for "Register" but you're not interested in those that contain "RegisterComponents"? Or do you want to make sure that all calls to FindFirst are followed by a FindClose?

Well Search can help you with this and more. Simply enter a starting directory, a list of file names (containing wildcards if you wish,) the text string(s) to search for (or regular expressions) and whether you want to find either string, both strings, or the first string and not the second, then press Search.

Search will show you all the names of the files that match, along with the matched lines from each file. Then you can open the matched files or drag them to another application, see the file's properties, or copy them to the clipboard.

Here are some of the advantages of using it...

  • Allows you to search for logical combinations (AND, OR or AND NOT) of up to two search strings.
  • Can search using regular expressions.
  • You can optionally see the lines from the files that matched the search criteria, and a configurable number of lines before and after the matched lines.
  • You can find any files that match a wildcard file specification simply by omitting the search strings.
  • You can specify a filter to only search files that are within a specific size range, or have a created, last modified or last accessed date within a specific range, or have specific file attributes.
  • You can search within the results of a previous search, to "home-in" to the files of interest.
  • You can see the results of a previous search via the history button.
  • It can optionally recurse through subdirectories.
  • Remembers your previous search criteria, so you don't have to keep re-entering information that you use frequently.
  • You can easily edit a file from the result list, using the internal editor, an editor of your choice, or any application associated with that type of file. You can also drag files to another application.
  • The names of the matched files can be copied to the Windows clipboard or saved to a text file.
  • It can appear in the tool tray so that it is always ready for immediate use.

Note: Search is primarily intended as a programmers' tool, and can only operate correctly on ANSI text files. These are sometimes known as flat files because they do not contain any text formatting information. More ...

System Requirements

Windows This program is for desktop Windows only. Sorry, but it won't work on a Mac, Android or Linux.

What People Say

Let me begin by complimenting you on having created a truly useful program with Search. I use it constantly to search thousands of source files for references to a specific tool number, axis co-ordinate, or obscure piece of nomenclature. I can then use the "search within results" feature to drill down, sometimes several levels deep, to find what I am really looking for. This quick search frequently saves me many hours of programming time, or allows me to dredge up a bit of information needed by somebody else that would otherwise be buried and unavailable. I couldn't do this without your program, which I find to be fast, reliable, and extremely easy to use.
Michael Rainey, Rockwell Automation, North Carolina
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