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  • I must say that Search is the best bit of Search type software I have ever used. I use it in conjunction with programming to locate words, phrases, etc.J Stephenson, Astell Scientific Ltd, UK
  • I love your Search tool. Thanks! I use Search all day long and it's indispensable to me. Thanks for making something so useful, sharing it, and offering it for a reasonable price.Tom Bower, California
  • I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know I really appreciate the Search utility you have put together. I use it to quickly retrieve status log information for Microsoft Systems Management Server. I like it so much, it will be featured in a book I am currently finishing up: Admin911 SMS. I recently went on a hunt for this type of program and yours topped the list. Kudos!Rod Trent,
  • Let me begin by complimenting you on having created a truly useful program with Search. I use it constantly to search thousands of source files for references to a specific tool number, axis co-ordinate, or obscure piece of nomenclature. I can then use the "search within results" feature to drill down, sometimes several levels deep, to find what I am really looking for. This quick search frequently saves me many hours of programming time, or allows me to dredge up a bit of information needed by somebody else that would otherwise be buried and unavailable. I couldn't do this without your program, which I find to be fast, reliable, and extremely easy to use.Michael Rainey, Rockwell Automation, North Carolina
  • Mate, I love it, trialled it once and purchased it straight away.Chris Anderson, Western Australia
  • We love your software, use it every day.Rob Schafer, CBS Newspath, New York
  • Love the product!Terry Bollinger, Louisiana
  • I like Search very much - exactly what I was looking for - bought it immediately.Christian Eibler, Germany
  • Your program is great. Our little Civ4/Beyond the Sword modding team loves this and I probably use it at least 10 times a day for our habit. I'd be lost without it.Roger Corey, Kansas
  • SEARCH is the greatest for the data work that I have to do. Thank you for writing a wonderful piece of software.Doug Claflin, Etiwanda School District, California
  • I've been using this software for some time, and by the way it really is well written, fast and easy to use. I went and tried some other file searches which is how I came to affirm how good yours really was.Nick Hanks, Washington Gas
  • Thanks again for SEARCH IT STILL ROCKS MY WORLD.Jeff White, Montana
  • Just a quick thank you... Great software.Dale Shaw, New Zealand
  • I'm a fan of your product... I've been using this program for a while now, and have loved it! It's a great product, man!Thomas Lipschultz, California
  • First of all, awesome program. Its level of kickassery and usefulness while working on my current project is not to be understated :)Devin Kunz, USA
  • Your product is great I've really come to rely on it.Michael Wittman, Plasmalogic, Massachusetts
  • Thanks for your brilliant search app. Googled and downloaded it to resolve problems in some Visual Studio discrepancies in their tortuous XML configuration files, it found the problem immediately. Your app has a seriously thought through interface.Marcus Lyon, Interproperty Systems Ltd, UK
  • I really like this software, it's saving me a lot of timeStéphan Doucet,, Canada
  • As a fellow programmer may I say a huge well done on your fantastic program. Beats hands down the search engines of Microsoft and Google that invisibly exclude some file types. Your SEARCH program is a MUST for any serious searcher particularly for mission critical searches. I have seen no other program come close to this one. Return on my investment = Immediate as it did what others only pretended to do.Peter McMullen, Western Australia
  • Love the SadMan Software! It's a real time saver and allows me to manage files with more accuracy!!Debbie Gonzalez, Canada
  • I thought I would take the time to congratulate you on your Search program which I have been using for some time. It works beautifully, and I would, and have recommend it to others.Eddy Waters, South Australia
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I'm a fan of your product... I've been using this program for a while now, and have loved it! It's a great product, man!
Thomas Lipschultz, California
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