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Recent Changes

V7.0 2015-10-01

  • Modified the AND NOT option so that it can be used alone to match lines (or files) that do not contain a string.

V6.1 2012-08-08

  • Modified the way the filename is passed when opening with an external program, as some programs didn't correctly recognise filenames containing spaces.
What People Say

Let me begin by complimenting you on having created a truly useful program with Search. I use it constantly to search thousands of source files for references to a specific tool number, axis co-ordinate, or obscure piece of nomenclature. I can then use the "search within results" feature to drill down, sometimes several levels deep, to find what I am really looking for. This quick search frequently saves me many hours of programming time, or allows me to dredge up a bit of information needed by somebody else that would otherwise be buried and unavailable. I couldn't do this without your program, which I find to be fast, reliable, and extremely easy to use.
Michael Rainey, Rockwell Automation, North Carolina
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