4 July 2008, v3.0

  • Released as freeware.

24 November 2003, v2.2

  • Added ability to slice directly to, and splice from removable drives.
  • Add extra checks to ensure the target file system can hold a file as large as the spliced file would be.
  • Added extra CD sizes in the pre-configured slice size dialog.
  • Added the hint display at startup.

10 November 2003, v2.1.2

  • Slight cosmetic change.

11 August 2001, v2.1.1

  • Fixed bug that prevented corporate licenses from being accepted.

23 May 2001, v2.1

  • Now shows the correct size for files greater than 2Gb.
  • Correctly handles files without any extension.

19 March 2001, v2.0.1

  • Licensing internals improved.

15 March 2001, v2.0

  • User interface now made even simpler.
  • Removed separate slice and splice tabs, and moved configuration options moved to a separate dialog.
  • Now shows the number of slices a file will be cut into.
  • User now presented with a choice from a configurable list of pre-configured slice sizes suitable for different types of media.
  • User has the option to specify the location for sliced and spliced files.

15 November 2000, v1.7

  • Modified to handle files over 2Gb.

25 August 2000, v1.6

  • Added ability to automatically delete files after a successful slice or splice.

1 August 2000, v1.5

  • Expanded some topics in the online help.

20 July 2000, v1.4

  • Corrected typographical errors in the online help.

7 July 2000, v1.3

  • Now able to enter registration key after evaluation period has expired.

4 July 2000, v1.2

  • Added ability to play a sound when finished slicing or splicing.

15 June 2000, v1.1

  • Added optional .BAT file for splicing.

1 June 2000, v1.0

  • Initial version.