29 September 2014 - V3.1

  • When saving the schedule, save days as integers rather than localised day names, so that locales using non-ANSI character sets don't break it. Note: you will need to re-select the days of your saved schedules after installing this version.

1 January 2014 - V3.0

  • When saving an image file, it will now delete the image file if it already exists before saving the new one. This is to so that Windows will recognise the new file creation date.
  • Snapshot can now also capture the Active Window or a specified region of the screen.
  • There is a new scheduler that allows the configuration of multiple schedules. Each schedule will have a start and end time, a fixed interval, and be for one or more specific days.
  • It no longer shows a dialog if there is an error. It logs errors to a file in the installation folder, and shows an error icon. This is so the program will continue to operate if it is running on an unmonitored system.
  • The image file name can now include the computer name by including a %C place-holder in the file name.
  • It can now store the configuration in an ini file so that you can have multiple instances of snapshot running each with their own settings. If Snapshot.ini exists, it will be used in preference to the registry, otherwise the registry will be used as before.
  • The source of the configuration is displayed on the main screen. This will either be the registry, or the path to the ini file. If it is a path to an ini file, it will show an ellipsis (...) if the path is too long, in which case the tooltip or hint, will show the full path.
  • The minimum snapshot interval is now five seconds.
  • The printing of the snapshot has been changed to make it simpler. This change should not make any differences to the printer output.

7 October 2013 - V2.0

  • Add the ability to save images in portable network graphics (PNG) format.

25 July 2012 - V1.9

  • This is a minor change to add extra validation to the configuration form. If multiple monitors are selected to be sent to image files, force the entry of a monitor number in the image file name. Otherwise, the snapshot images for all monitors have the same file name, and the final image will overwrite the earlier ones.

28 December 2011 - V1.8

  • In a multi-monitor system, do not fail if monitors are removed while Snapshot is running.

21 July 2011 - V1.7

  • In a multi-monitor system, it allows configuration of the specific monitors that should be copied.

9 March 2009 - V1.6

  • This is a minor update that simply reduces the minimum interval between snapshots from ten to one second.

12 January 2009 - V1.5

  • This is a minor update that merely changes the action performed when the tool tray icon is double-clicked. In earlier versions, this would show the main form, but it now takes an immediate snapshot.

9 October 2006 - V1.4

  • Some fairly minor changes to bring it more up to date.