What People Say

  • Congratulations! Your program is simply the best!
    Alberto César, Brazil
  • Thanks for a great program! Every time I started wishing it had a different feature, I was able to find it in the options or in learning the features more fully.
    Brian Hays, California
  • Like the Sudoku!!
    Jim Townsend, UK
  • It's the best Sudoku software I've ever encountered.
    David Nauman, Missouri
  • I think your sudoku program/solver/editor is the best!
    Ole Paulsen, Norway
  • I've designed chips, boards, systems, freeware, shareware etc. for over 25 years, and your sudoku software is probably the best shareware application I've ever used. Your application requires absolutely no user manual, it's completely intuitive. Every option I can think of is already there, (e.g. auto create pencil marks!). BTW, the single user license price seems way too low! Thanks again, nice work!
    Jory Radke, Oregon
  • It's a wonderful Sudoku program! I like it because I deliver Sudoku puzzles to newspaper in Copenhagen and North Zealand and it does a lot of work for me. It's just wonderful. Instead of calling it sadman.... you should call it happyman....
    Douglas Fullerton, Denmark.
  • ...love your SadMan Software Sudoku program.
    Joe Defries
  • ...may I say the sudoku program you have produced is the best I've seen, and has taught me a lot about sudoku!
    Tim Fulford, UK
  • Once again, thanks to the wonderful Sudoku software that you'd written. I continue to enjoy the game; as well, I also continue to encourage my friends to visit your website. Furthermore, I continue to test other Sudoku software; but I must admit, Sadman Sudoku wins me over, each and every time!
    Alexander Hui, Canada
  • Just downloaded your program today - Very comprehensive and impressive. I've seen a number of Sudoku applications, for both PC and PDA. but never one as feature-rich and comprehensive as this one. This is a must for true Sudoku fans.
    Houle Bækdal, Denmark
  • I really love the interface you've created for solving Sudoku puzzles on the computer. It's the best I've seen in all the computer programs I tried out.
    Jeff Isom, Oregon
  • Thank You! My family and I love your software.
    BP, New York
  • I love your product and use it all the time.
    Bob DeNuto, New Jersey
  • ...thank you for a wonderful product at a very reasonable price.
    Geoffrey Howell, Australia
  • Congratulations on a tremendous job.
    Mike Hare, UK
  • SadMan's software Sudoku game makes Sudoku more enjoyable and I recommend it to all my friends. The ability to print a puzzle enlarged for easy use, with or without candidates, is one of many ways SadMan enhances the experience of working a Sudoku puzzle. The software provides a number of options including help understanding the techniques required to solve a puzzle, asking for specific help when you get stumped, or for a harder experience allowing wrong number choices which could dig a big hole the user may never recover from. Thanks SadMan for helping us play and learn Sudoku.
    Dean Schwickerath, Washington
  • I really love your program. It eliminates the hassle of using paper and pencil, the pencil marks feature is incredible, and strongly recommend your program to any Sudoku enthusiast. Thanks again for the many hours of solving pleasure, and the many more to come.
    Jon Pruit, California
  • Thank you very much for your program which I find marvellous as a means of solving my games and therefore learning more of Sudoku techniques.
    Julie Moore, Australia
  • Great game and program!
    Edward McCain, Michigan
  • Wonderful program! Excellent I would say.
    Greg Gherman, Maryland
  • You have done a great job ... I appreciate well written software and I feel this is a very well thought out program.
    Jerald F Jones, Minnesota
  • Great software you have created!!!! And I like how you improve it.
    Fran Vainas, New Hampshire
  • I tried your new version. Not bad! Not bad at all! ... I love your program.
    Ken Whitaker, Pennsylvania
  • Lovely software!
    Jonathan March, Missouri
  • I have been enjoying your software a lot. It is the best in the market.
    Luiz Grasso, UK
  • Thanks for a pleasant game that I use every day as a break between everything else that I do on my PC.
    Jean, California.
  • Having just purchased and installed your Sudoku software I feel that I must congratulate you on a most impressive solution.
    John Craggs, UK
  • It's an outstanding program!
    Frank Zbozny, Pennsylvania
  • SadMan Software Sudoku is in my opinion the best Sudoku solver around. From the easy and painless installation process to its intuitive and well laid out interface, this solver rules the roost. The solving aids, for example the pencil marks and the restore, are an added bonus. Kudos to SadMan Software on an amazing piece of software.
    Robert Lancaster, South Africa
  • Merci encore et félicitations pour ce génial logiciel!!
    Marilyn Trosselly, France
  • Your SuDoku software is very impressive. It has a small footprint, is clean-running and has a very nice, uncluttered look to it. It is also very intuitive to use. The more I use this little piece of software, the more I appreciate how well thought-out it is. This is exactly what I was looking for. So much better (and more clear) and less messy than struggling with pencil and eraser in little boxes. Already registered - did not wait a day, let alone the allowed 30 days. Great job!
    Jeff Taylor, Virginia
  • Love the program.
    Howard Goldman, New York
  • I am very impressed with SadMan Sudoku and its rich functionality.
    Boerge Anderssen, Norway
  • Thank you for your Sudoku program. It is the best and most feature laden one I have seen and used, including Pappocom. It is a pleasure to use.
    Charles Lawrence, Georgia
  • Excellent program. The OCR is especially useful!
    Bob Yellin, Vermont
  • Your program is the best I have seen so far... Thanks for a great job.
    Reggie Allen, Texas
  • Excellent work. As an ex chess programmer myself, I appreciate a lot of the details that you got right.
    Julio Kaplan, California
  • Thanks for a great program.
    Mike Sullivan, UK
  • I love your program
    Jean Boucher, Canada
  • First congratulations for your great Sudoku software. I usually play with Simple Sudoku, but trying your software certainly shows its superiority.
    Andre Vandemeulebroecke
  • We enjoy the program and the ease it allows for us not to have to enter all the possibility numbers manually. GOOD JOB
    Roger Galvin, Connecticut
  • Thank you for what has to be one of the best returns on software investment I have ever made. This has been well worth the money for the use I have gotten out of the program.
    Mike Dean, Oregon
  • This is absolutely the finest Sudoku related program in existence! I have been using it for many years and have had excellent support and updates. Highly recommended. I use it everyday!
    Phil Salisbury, California
  • Well done on a fine programme.
    Peter Morris, UK
  • I have enjoyed your Sudoku software. I have tried many others, but this is the best.
    Ajit Sampat, Kansas
  • Until now I've used Pappocom. Since a few days I am trying the evaluation version of SadMan. Marvellous piece of software!!
    Jean le Corre, France
  • Love your sudoku software.
    Robert Liao, Texas
  • Many thanks for your work - I use this program more than any other! Tells you something, right?
    Pat Phelan, Alabama
  • Just wanted to thank you for having taken the time to upgrade this program. It is a great teaching tool for solving Sudokus.
    Barry Shaklan, Arizona
  • ...let me say that I think your program is marvelous, and I've had many hours of enjoyment with it.
    Bob Cunningham, Califonia
  • You have a great little program for Sudoku!
    William Bakker
  • I enjoy your software and have recommended it to several friends.
    William Hale, Texas
  • Sudoku Kudos. As a programmer and a sudoku fan, I am in awe. Your sudoku software does sudoku better than any software does anything -- at least in my considerable experience. I refer not to the automatic solving so much as the rest of it. I also think the inclusion of choosing puzzle difficulty by solving technique is a stroke... it seems to me that your sudoku software does one thing, very, very well.
    Dave Jordan
  • I tried your sudoku app and I find it great!!
    M. Elena Colombi
  • Not only do you have a great Sudoku program (the best by far that's out there), but your "service after the sale" is second to none.
    Jim Cimko, New York
  • ...you have a great program. It really is perfect for Sudoku... Again, I've got to hand it to you for creating such a great Sudoku program!
    Robert Keith, California
  • My son and I really enjoy your program... I think it is a beautiful program. Clear and concise with just enough bells and whistles.
    Greg Gherman, Maryland
  • I must admit that this is one of the best programs I have used for fun in many, many years. Very well done, and thank you for your simply excellent support and for creating THE BEST Sudoku program in the world!
    Harry McDow, Texas
  • After only one day of free trial, I knew your program was for me and I bought it. It's a superb program! Not only is it mighty when it solves puzzles, it has beautiful human interface quality. I really like it, find I can use it experimentally at several levels, and it is now helping me to understand some solution philosophies better. Great stuff, very reasonably priced, excellent! Thank you, keep up your fine work. PS - Just for a grin, I took a screen shot of one of the fiendish samples from a downloaded PDF from your site. I cropped it into a JPG, and simply dropped it on the Sudoku icon. Wow, it magically just did the character recognition bit, and there was my puzzle! Awesome.
    Larry Cunningham, New Mexico
  • The best Sudoku I ever tried.
    Bernard, WineHQ
  • I love your version of Sudoku.
    Dennis McGrath, Illinois
  • I really enjoy how your program does all the work to track pencil marks and helps see the overall view while solving a puzzle. Great work!
    Mark Harlow, Ohio
  • I love using your Sudoku program. I have several others but yours is my favourite and I play at least one game with it every day. The others get used rarely.
    John Hill, Australia
  • I love your program. Excellent!
    Chris Kovach, Ohio
  • Your sudoku software is the best, I don't like others.
    Waël Ouerfelli, Tunisia
  • I think it is the best I've seen, and I have seen a lot. It has many of the features I was looking for, but didn't find in retail programs that cost a lot more.
    Bob Adams, Florida
  • Downloaded your Sudoku software, and I must say I'm very impressed. Bought a license immediately.
    Bård Dybwad Kristensen, Norway
  • Just super for a sudoku maniac like me. Thank you for a great software. I tell all Sudoku fanatics about your software. Have been doing Sudoku puzzle for at least 3 years and by far your site and software is the best. Congratulations for a great product and site. The 20 bucks I have invested is the best investment I have made in the last 2 years. Congratulations and again thank you.
    Maurice Daoust, Canada
  • Thank you! Your software is the greatest.
    Owen Hurst, Oklahoma
  • I love it, it really helped me learn the more advanced techniques.
    Sue Murphy, California
  • I enjoy your program immensely and I play sudoku every day.
    Efren Rivera, New Jersey
  • I thoroughly enjoy using your Sudoku Software.
    John Dyer, Texas
  • I enjoy your site a great deal and visit often. I have downloaded your software and also use it often.
    Richard Miller, Arizona
  • I enjoy your Sudoku program very much. It is the best program that I have seen.
    Duncan Dunn, California
  • By the way your Sudoku program is amazing.
    James Goldman, New Jersey
  • I tried your software and really enjoy it. I really enjoy and make good use of your "Hint" facility, especially as a learning tool. As I approach my 79th birthday, my memory and learning abilities are in decline. Using your "Hint" tool, I can tackle the toughest puzzles and use them as teaching tools as I work through the hint. I am learning!
    Jack Mudgett, California
  • This is a wonderful program - the best I can find relating to sudoku ... Dare I say there is a bit of programming genius there.
    Michael Wightman, UK
  • Just a line to say thank you for your SadMan Sudoku program. It is by far the best sudoku program for learning how to solve fiendish and diabolical games that I have so far come across.
    Peter Martin, UK
  • Thank you so much for one of the best conceived and executed programs I have ever seen. It is both complete and perfect. I can't imagine what could be added.
    Robert LaFortune, Michigan
  • By the way, your software is terrific. Fantastic.
    Charlene Anderson, Oregon
  • I am greatly impressed with your Sudoku software.... Many thanks for your excellent product.
    Michael Freeman, Canada
  • Your program and help are really excellent. I am kind of addicted right now.
    Peter Chan Kim, USA
  • Sadman Sudoku is great fun... I think the program is great and I am learning all the new tricks.
    Stanley Sutherland, UK
  • I found SadMan several years ago and have learned so much from your program. It is a fascinating game which you have made even more intesting. Keep up the good work!
    Mike Hardy, Florida
  • Great Software for sudoku
    Jide Azinge, Minnesota
  • Well, I love SuDoku, and I collect SuDoku games—especially on my PalmOS-based Zire72... but I have several other WindowsXP-based SuDoku games too, and I feel that I must say about your game that I am impressed! Thanks for a well-written SuDoku program. (And, yes well, I really don't know why I collect different SuDoku programs; they each have their strengths and weaknesses, I guess, and I suppose in the future I will settle for using one in particular. But I find that I often turn to YOUR version, when I wish to just play a quick round, or explore the differences between the easier and the more difficult or expertly-rated puzzles. I appreciate ease-of-number entry when I want to concentrate on playing, rather than program mechanics!)
    Mark Seven Smith, California
  • This is a great program, especially for printing puzzles. My wife and I love to print 2 copies and have contests. Thanks for the quality product.
    Mark Whittemore, Maryland
  • This is a great value, compared to other programs.
    Russ Palmeri, North Carolina
  • Great piece of software. Love it and have learned more about Sudoku using the help features.
    Don Blaskowsky, California
  • Great program, I use it in preference to all others.
    Peter Jennings, UK
  • I really enjoy your program and use it daily.
    Tom Walton, Texas
  • Very nice program. Your programmers have taken the tedium out of finding correct solutions! By pure repetition, I have gained so many insights to solving the puzzles enjoyably! Now I solve over 20 sudoku puzzles in a short time due to the power of your software. Congratulations! Job well done. Hope you make a million on 4.0!
    Frank Luebbert, USA
  • I've been a happy user of SadMan Sudoku for some years now, and play at least one game each day. I particularly like and thank you for the latest version.
    John Hill, Australia
  • I am interested in your Sudoku game, it is the best Sudoku I have ever played.
    Robert Chen, Tiawan
  • It's a great product, probably the best Sudoku software I've run across.
    Bruce Cartwright, Massachusetts
  • Without a doubt your Sudoku software is the best I have used on any device.
    Scott M, Minnesota
  • I state again, your Sudoku is by FAR the best Sudoku on the Internet. There are no other versions that even come close! I was recommending it to a friend recently.
    Dave Smith, Maryland
  • Just to say that your sudoku software is excellent and I shall be recommending the programme to my friends and colleagues. Fantastic product.
    Frank Bell, UK
What People Say

This is a wonderful program - the best I can find relating to sudoku ... Dare I say there is a bit of programming genius there.
Michael Wightman, UK
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