Buying a license means that SadMan Software Sudoku will continue to operate once the evaluation period has expired, and also entitles you to any upgrades at no additional cost.

Your registration key will be delivered via email. If you do not receive your registration email within a day of making your order, please check your spam folder.

To register the application, run Sudoku, click the Help -> Enter Registration Key menu option, and enter your name and key exactly as shown in the email. Once you've successfully registered, the Enter Registration Key menu option is no longer visible, and the Help -> About box will show your details. Keep your registration details in a safe place, as you will need to re-enter them if you ever need to reinstall the application or move it to another computer.


SadMan Software Sudoku is priced at £9.95 for a personal single-user license.

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What People Say

I tried your software and really enjoy it. I really enjoy and make good use of your "Hint" facility, especially as a learning tool. As I approach my 79th birthday, my memory and learning abilities are in decline. Using your "Hint" tool, I can tackle the toughest puzzles and use them as teaching tools as I work through the hint. I am learning!
Jack Mudgett, California
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