Iolo's System Mechanic Professional 7 and Avast's Spyware Blocker say SadMan Sudoku contains a trojan, what's going on?

A. Let me correct that. Iolo's System Mechanic Professional 7 and Avast's Spyware Blocker mis-identify SadMan Sudoku as containing a trojan. It appears that they are simply looking at the filename "Sudoku.exe", and since the adware "YazzleSudoku" also uses this, assume they are one and the same. They're not. SadMan Software Sudoku is not YazzleSudoku, and SadMan Software applications do not contain any adware, spyware, trojans, or any other form of malware. System Mechanic Professional 7 and Spyware Blocker are just plain wrong. (But don't just take my word for it, take a look at McAfee's SiteAdvisor report. This shows SadMan Sudoku to be completely safe, containing no malware and a "nuisance value" of zero.)

You can safely add SadMan Software Sudoku to their "ignore" list, or alternatively, you can stop the warnings by simply renaming the installed Sudoku.exe to something like SadManSudoku.exe, although you'll need to re-create any short-cuts on your start menu or desktop, and rename the help file to match.

If you'd like further information on how to identify YazzleSudoku, take a look at the CA entry.

I contacted Iolo's support about this mis-identification on 26th June and again on 27 July 2008, but so far, their only response is to send me some spam for System Mechanic Professional 8. Not exactly helpful are they?

I contacted Avast's suport on 24 July 2008, and they replied on the very next day. They say they will investigate the problem, and modify their signature database after they have confirmed it. Sounds promising, let's see how it goes.


As of version 4.1, released 30th January 2012, the Sudoku application is no longer compressed. This compression reduced the size of the program executable, but seemed to cause a false positive detection in a minority of virus scanners. I'm hoping that removing the compression will reduce the problems caused by these virus scanners.