In what order does SadMan Sudoku use the various solving techniques?

When solving or grading a Sudoku puzzle, SadMan Software Sudoku attempts each of the solving techniques in the following order. It only tries a later (or harder) technique if the earlier (or easier) techniques don't make a placement or eliminate a candidate. Once a placement has been made or a candidate has been eliminated, it tries the easier techniques again.

* The order of looking for naked and hidden singles is controlled by the "Simple puzzles require only: naked or hidden singles" entry in the options dialog. This option allows you specify whether the very easiest puzzles should require only naked or hidden singles. Depending on how you like to solve sudoku puzzles, you may look for naked or hidden singles before the other. Naked singles are easier to spot if you use a computer program to keep the pencil marks accurate, but if you prefer to solve entirely by hand, you'll probably look for hidden singles before naked singles.

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I enjoy your Sudoku program very much. It is the best program that I have seen.
Duncan Dunn, California
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