What does the "Not Solved" grade mean?

A. This grade means that Sudoku is not able to solve the puzzle without resorting to trial-and-error.

The "not solved" grade was added with version 3.6, released November 2010, in response to the increasing number of requests for even harder puzzles.

If you enable trial-and-error as a solving technique, Sudoku will still be able to solve puzzles of this grade, but there will be at least one number whose placement cannot be justified by a logical deduction - Sudoku made a guess in other words.

What People Say

Your SuDoku software is very impressive. It has a small footprint, is clean-running and has a very nice, uncluttered look to it. It is also very intuitive to use. The more I use this little piece of software, the more I appreciate how well thought-out it is. This is exactly what I was looking for. So much better (and more clear) and less messy than struggling with pencil and eraser in little boxes. Already registered - did not wait a day, let alone the allowed 30 days. Great job!
Jeff Taylor, Virginia
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