I've used the OCR function to import a puzzle from an image, but some of the numbers are wrong - will you fix it?

A. The OCR will never be perfect for every puzzle. There are just too many variations in font, puzzle style and image quality. On the whole, I think it does a pretty good job for a poor-mans-OCR, and I'm unlikely to be able to make it perfect for images from every possible source.

Having said that, there are a couple of simple rules that can help to maximise the correct interpretation when OCRing an image:

  1. Use a large image. Maximise the source program before creating the image (don't simply enlarge an existing image, as this will probably create very blocky digits.)
  2. Use black text on a plain white background. Don't have any coloured cells.
  3. Don't include pencil marks in the image.
What People Say

SadMan Software Sudoku is in my opinion the best Sudoku solver around. From the easy and painless installation process to its intuitive and well laid out interface, this solver rules the roost. The solving aids, for example the pencil marks and the restore, are an added bonus. Kudos to SadMan Software on an amazing piece of software.
Robert Lancaster, South Africa
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