I've used the OCR function to import a puzzle from an image, but some of the numbers are wrong - will you fix it?

A. The OCR will never be perfect for every puzzle. There are just too many variations in font, puzzle style and image quality. On the whole, I think it does a pretty good job for a poor-mans-OCR, and I'm unlikely to be able to make it perfect for images from every possible source.

Having said that, there are a couple of simple rules that can help to maximise the correct interpretation when OCRing an image:

  1. Use a large image. Maximise the source program before creating the image (don't simply enlarge an existing image, as this will probably create very blocky digits.)
  2. Use black text on a plain white background. Don't have any coloured cells.
  3. Don't include pencil marks in the image.
What People Say

I am interested in your Sudoku game, it is the best Sudoku I have ever played.
Robert Chen, Tiawan
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