I thought Sudoku created a library of pre-generated puzzles, so why am I waiting for a puzzle to be created?

A. There are three possibilities:

  1. Have you recently played or printed a lot of puzzles? Perhaps you've emptied the library of the specific puzzles you like.
  2. Perhaps you are looking for a puzzle that has very specific attributes, if so, it's possible the library does not contain a puzzle that meets your requirements. You could try broadening your requirements. (See File -> New -> New Puzzle Options
  3. Have you disabled the background generation? Check the options page (View -> Options) and ensure the "Create puzzles in the background" option is checked. (On some older computers, creating puzzles in the background may adversely affect the response time for the user. If this is the case, disable background generation while you are actively using sudoku, but re-enable it periodically to allow the library to be topped up.)

As you play or print puzzles, Sudoku will use the "idle time"* of your computer to generate new puzzles to replace them, but it can only do that while it is running. If you have played or printed a lot of puzzles in a short space of time, Sudoku might not yet have had enough time to replace them. If your library is running low (see View -> Library Statistics) simply enable background puzzle creation (see point 3) and leave Sudoku running for a while. It might look like it's doing nothing, but behind the scenes, it will be generating new puzzles. You do not need to have the Library Statistics window open, but if you do, you will see the number of puzzles slowly increase.

* Idle time is the time that your computer isn't doing anything. Even when you are using many applications at once, most modern computers are still powerful enough that they will still have some idle time. By using the idle time, Sudoku can generate new puzzle without slowing down any other applications that you are using.

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