The button and menu option to view the solution log are disabled ("grayed out"). How can I enable them?

A. The solution log only records automatic moves, so if you haven't used an automatic solve method, the log is empty and the option to view it remains disabled. Use the "Solve It", "Single Step", "Ten Steps", "Complete Naked Singles" or "Complete Hidden Singles" to put entries into the solution log and so enable the option.

What People Say

SadMan's software Sudoku game makes Sudoku more enjoyable and I recommend it to all my friends. The ability to print a puzzle enlarged for easy use, with or without candidates, is one of many ways SadMan enhances the experience of working a Sudoku puzzle. The software provides a number of options including help understanding the techniques required to solve a puzzle, asking for specific help when you get stumped, or for a harder experience allowing wrong number choices which could dig a big hole the user may never recover from. Thanks SadMan for helping us play and learn Sudoku.
Dean Schwickerath, Washington
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