Glossary of Sudoku Terms and Definitions

  • The sudoku grid consists of nine horizontal rows, nine vertical columns, and nine 3 x 3 blocks (also called boxes). Rows are numbered 1 to 9, top to bottom. Columns are numbered 1 to 9, left to right. Blocks are numbered 1 to 9 top to bottom and left to right.
    Sudoku Rows Sudoku Columns Sudoku Bkocks
  • Rows, columns and block are all kinds of unit, and there are a total of twenty-seven units in a grid.
  • Every row, column and block contains nine cells, and every row, column and block must contain the digits 1 through 9.
  • Cells that share a column, row or block are known as "buddies".
  • The numbers given in the grid are the puzzle's clues.
  • The numbers you add, as a player, are "big numbers".
  • The numbers which could possibly go into an empty cell according to the rules of the game, are known as the empty cell's candidates, also known as pencil-marks.
What People Say

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