SadMan Software Sudoku is not limited to English. The following languages are currently available:

Language At Version By
Chinese (simplified) (322 KB) 4.7 Pan Jian
Czech (324 KB) 4.8 Marek Čierney
Danish (321 KB) 4.7 Houle Bækdal
Dutch (321 KB) 4.7 Willem Vervuurt
US English (298 KB) Very similar to UK English, but with one or two words spelt (or spelled) a little differently. So if you prefer color instead of colour, and counterclockwise instead of anti-clockwise, this is the download for you. 5.6
Finnish (322 KB) 3.5 Timo Peltonen
French (322 KB) 4.7 Fabrice Lagrange
German (323 KB) 5.6 Harry Biel, Hightower5
Italian (318 KB) 3.5 Progesist SRL
Norwegian (323 KB) 5.4 Tor Erling Opsahl
Polish (324 KB) 5.2 Stanislaw Nosowski and Jacek Święcki
Brazilian Portuguese (322 KB) 5.1 Silvio R. Faria and Alberto Almeida
Romanian (324 KB) 5.4 Cotocea Stefan Luigi
Russian (324 KB) 4.7 Andrey Scherbenko
Spanish (322 KB) 4.7 Juan M. Ibarrola
Turkish (323 KB) 4.7 Gökhan Öztürk


Note: To be detected by Sudoku, these translations must be installed into the same folder as the Sudoku program (usually C:\Program Files\SadMan Software\Sudoku\)

If you'd like to translate Sudoku into your own language please contact me for details — I can provide a machine translation as a starting point, so it should take around two to three hours to verify and correct this. I'd be happy to provide a free registration or two in return as a small thank you.

If you use one of these translations and do discover some English, or incorrect text, please let me know where and what the correct translation should be.