Solving Sudoku - XYZ-Wing

This is a variation of an XY-wing. In the partial puzzle below, consider the cells that have only the candidates shown. Any cells that share a unit with all three cells XYZ, XY and YZ, can have Z eliminated from their candidates.

XYZ * *

It can be easily seen that which ever value is in XYZ, the cells marked with the asterisk cannot be Z.

if XYZ = X, then XZ = Z, so * cannot be Z
if XYZ = Y, then YZ = Z, so * cannot be Z
if XYZ = Z, then * cannot be Z

This allows Z to be eliminated from the candidates for the marked cells.


In the Sudoku puzzle below, the XYZ-wing in the green cells allows 1 to be eliminated from the blue cell.

Sudoku XYZ-Wing example

These Sudoku puzzles can be solved using XZY-wings: (What are .sdk files?)


What People Say

I must admit that this is one of the best programs I have used for fun in many, many years. Very well done, and thank you for your simply excellent support and for creating THE BEST Sudoku program in the world!
Harry McDow, Texas
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