• Thanks for this program; small, simple and, I think, ideal for my purposes.
    Simon Butler, Dorset County Council
  • A very useful little program, I'm using it to avoid too many hours at the office.
    Nick Luker, Convergys Corporation
  • Thanks, Your application is very easy and complete!
    Samuel Menard, Alcatel
  • Nice product. I'm a consultant so it helps me keep a track of the hours I work.
    M Musa
  • I would also like to say that I have tried numerous other products that are either too complex, too simple or miss the mark completely. I do a lot of contract work and have found it an invaluable tool and as such have made a point in recommending its use to other colleagues.
    Steven Guillemet
  • A friend recommended your Timesheet program which he found on the internet. I just have to say what a cool little program. The business!
    Adam Julian
  • Congratulations for this application (Timesheet). I'll start using it on my job. It's simple, useful.
    Paolo Santos, Portugal
  • I have been using your Timesheet program for a couple of years now and I must say it is fantastic. On a few occasions it has helped me correct my pay through my employer with regards to the hours/holidays worked and what I was paid - So, Thank You
    Peter Stevens, UK