28 October 2013, V3.0

  • XChange has now been released as freeware, so it is completely free to download and use.

31 January 2005, V2.7

  • Optimised backup file handling for large files - use file rename instead of file copy.

5 November 2003, V2.6

  • Added pop-up menu to view and set file attributes and properties.

23 December 2001, V2.5.2

  • Prevented a harmless but annoying "range check error" that could occur at start-up in certain circumstances.

10 November 2001, V2.5

  • Added whole word only option
  • Added repeat function to move strings up and down buttons.
  • Repaired the .XC file association.

25 August 2001, V2.4

  • Maintain character case when loading from configuration file.

28 July 2001, V2.3.2

  • Resolved conflicting short-cut keys.

14 May 2001, V2.3

  • Removed control-X to exit application as this clashes with edit-cut.
  • Now saves and restores the widths of file/path and find/replace columns.

12 February 2001, V2.2.2

  • Closing the legend did not update the registry with its new state.

13 September 2000, V2.2

  • Now saves and restores the checked state of the string and file lists.

1 September 2000, V2.1

  • Now able to save and reload configuration files.
  • Now able to find and replace control codes.
  • Moved configuration of preferences to a separate dialog.

26 July 2000, V2.0

  • Much improved user interface

1 May 2000, V1.0

  • Initial release.