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Ever had the job of finding and changing a piece of text that could be in hundreds of files? A typo in a template was used to create the company web site? Just moved office and the company address and phone number have changed? The Publicity Officer has just retired and his name is liberally scattered through tons of files? etc etc etc.

Well XChange can make this much easier for you. Just enter the text to find, the text to replace it with, drop in the files you want to work with, and press Go! It's done. You can change many items at once too. What? Made a mistake? Let XChange restore the backup files it created for you. Easy and reliable.

XChange can also find and replace control-codes such as form-feeds, carriage-returns and line-feeds.

Note: XChange is primarily intended as a programmers' tool, and can only operate correctly on text files. These are sometimes known as flat files because they do not contain any text formatting information. More information...

XChange is completely free to download and use.

information XChange has a little brother called XChangeCL. This performs pretty much the same function, but it is a command-line version without a Windows interface. If you want to use XChange in batch scripts, or any other non-interactive environment, then perhaps XChangeCL will suit your needs. More …

System Requirements

Windows This program is for desktop Windows only. Sorry, but it won't work on a Mac, Android or Linux.