28 October 2013, V2.0

  • XChangeCL has now been released as freeware, so it is completely free to download and use.

27 March 2009, v1.5

The XChangeCL.exe application is now installed to the Windows\System32 or WinNT\System32 folder as appropriate to your system. No further action should be necessary on your part, unless you have hardcoded the path to the executable in a command file or script, in which case, you can simply remove the hard-coded path. The application itself has not changed.

31 January 2005, v1.5

  • Expanded progress report to show individual steps in load, replace, save operations.
  • Created the backup using file rename rather than copy for better efficiency when working with very large files.

14 September 2004, v1.4

  • Added Repeat and Verify options.
  • Modified progress report to show whether file had been changed or not.

11 December 2001, v1.3

  • Improved ability to replace carriage-control and line-feed pairs.

10 November 2001, v1.2

  • Added the whole-words-only option.

18 November 2000, v1.1

  • Now able to find and replace control codes.

1 September 2000, v1.0

  • Initial release.