Note: Since March 2009, XChangeCL installs to the Windows\System32 or WinNT\System32 folder as appropriate to your system. (Effectively option 1 from the list below.) No further action should be necessary on your part, unless you have hard-coded the path to the executable in a command file or script, in which case, you can simply remove the hard-coded path.

These options are no longer necessary, but are shown here for completeness.

When running from the command-line, Windows needs to know how to find the XChangeCL program. There are four alternative ways of doing this:

  1. Copy XChangeCL.exe into the system32 folder under the Windows or WinNT folder.
  2. Add the installation folder to the Path. The Path environment variable holds lists of folders that are searched for programs. So adding the installation folder to the end of the path will allow Windows to find it. Depending on your version of windows, you may be able to do this by:
    Control Panel -> System -> Advanced tab -> Environment Variables button.
    Find the path in the system list, click Edit and add the folder separated by a semi-colon ";".
  3. Put the full path to XChangeCL on the command line. So if XChangeCL was installed to the default folder, this would be:
    > "C:\Program Files\XChangeCL\XChangeCL.exe"
    Note it has to be in quotes because there are spaces in the path.
  4. Copy XChangeCL.exe into the local folder where you want to make the replacements.